Self Build Motorhome Service Areas

Toilet Cassette Emptying Points

Cassette emptying points are many and varied in design. Ideally, cassette emptying points should be at hip height or approximately 70cm from ground level. Positioned at this height it eliminates the need for bending to empty a cassette which can weigh in the region of 17kg when full.

In the interests of hygiene, cassette emptying points should also permit the pouring spout of the cassette to be positioned below the rim to prevent any splash-back of its contents.

Below are some examples of self-build emptying points that meet the above criteria.    

Grey Water Discharge Area

Motorhomes are equipped with holding tanks that collect greywater from the bathroom sink, shower, and kitchen sink.

The tank is generally of 80 to 120 litre capacity and is emptied via a release valve controlling a 40mm outlet point which facilitates a rapid discharge of the contents.

Motorhome service bays incorporate a dished concrete pad that will direct the discharge to a drain or grating connected to a foul sewer system. 

Below are some examples of motorhome grey water emptying points

Fresh Water Tap

Motorhomes, being self-contained vehicles, have onboard tanks to hold a fresh water supply. Generally, the tank will contain between 80 and 120 liters of water, although some may have tanks that will hold up to 200 liters.

Motorhome users carry their own food-grade water hose. The connection in general use across Europe is the common 3/4" BSP threaded outdoor tap connection.

A push tap is best for the application as it eliminates any incidence of water wastage due to a lever or spindle tap being left in the on position.