A Class VIN numbers can be hard to find

We have had some reports of A Class motorhomes failing their roadworthiness test due to the indelibly marked VIN on the chassis not being visible.

This problem only applies to A Class motorhomes and not to coachbuilt models.

On coachbuilt and panel van conversions (PVC's), which retain the original cab structure, the indelibly marked number is easily viewed and testers are familiar with its location.

However, the construction of an A Class body may entail the placement of components, body work and trim over the area of the original chassis/cowl where the indelibly marked VIN is stamped on.

Once the location commonly used by the original vehicle manufacturer is confirmed a viewing aperture installed by the bulider should be found positioned in such a manner so as to facilitate viewing of the VIN.

On FIAT base A Class motorhomes the viewing aperture may be found in the gas bottle locker which enables the VIN stamped on the inner wheel arch to be checked .