Motorhome Parking and Services

On the left are listed the Counties in Ireland, both North and South, where parking and service facilities are currently available. Clicking on the County will open up the listing for that county.

NOTE: The parking area pictured above (Dunmore East, Co. Waterford) has been closed to motorhome parking by The Minister of Agriculture, Food and The Marine who has responsibility for the lands.

Throughout the island of Ireland there are very many beautiful places where overnight motorhome parking is common. Such places range from those in secluded coastal or rural settings to those within or adjacent to harbours, towns and villages.

Such places can be found on the databases of the many motorhome related websites. The existance of these parking places often recieve the goodwill of the local community, particularly those who benifit economically from this tourist sector.



However, only parking areas on private or community owned properties and those in public places which have been created by local government or other relevent official bodied are listed on this site.

Any visitors who visit the parking places listed here can be assured that they will welcomed to an official facility.

If you know of a motorhome parking area (Aire), not listed here, which has been established by a government agency (town council, county council, etc.), a private enterprise, club or association please let us know and following verification it will be added to this database.