Examples of Motorhome Service Area layouts

This drawing can serve as a template for the construction of a 'self build' Service Area where budgetary considerations rule out the use of a 'bought in' factory built unit.

Euro Relais Maxi® Service Bollard

Raclet® Service Bollard

Aire Services® Service Bollard

Service area, top specification.

Service bay. Drive over grey water emptying grid, black water emptying point (at base of service bollard), fresh water point (token operated - token costs €2 and delivers 100 litres. of water).

Aire Services® Service Bollard

Self Built Service Area Within Parking Area

Self Built Service Area, Basic

Self Built Service Area

Self Built Service Area, good standard

Self Built Service Area, basic

Fresh water tap. Drive over grey water drain off point and black water disposal point.

Service area, reasonable

Simple push tap freshwater supply, unrestricted and free

Black Water Emptying Point

Simple black water emptying point

Black water emptying point with tap for rinsing cassette

Black water emptying point

There are in excess of 10,000 motorhome service areas through Mainland Europe and they are as varied as motorhomers themselves. 
While they all serve the basic functionality of providing 'dump' facilities for black and grey water plus a drinking water supply, in appearance they range from something 'cobbled together' for a few Euro to 'state of the art' installations costing in excess of €10,000