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Following recent media reports in which certain Councillores called for the banning of motorhome parking in Dungarvan and the intense lobbying which followed by members of The Phoenix Motorhome Club the Chair of the Dungarvan and Lismore Area Councillors has decided that both sides in the debate, motorhome owners and caravan and camping park owners, make should a presentation giving their respective viewpoints.

The presentation is scheduled for the November Council Meeting. For their part members of The Phoenix Motorhome Club will be making a presentation demonstrating the benifits which the motorhome based tourist brings to Dungarvan and advocating the provision of official regulated parking based on the French Aire de Stationnement model.

Lobbying of the business community has been met with overwhelming support for the retention of the existing parking at The Lookout and the developement of proper regulated parking.


At a recent visist by Dungarvan and Lismore Electoral Area Councillors to inspect the motorhome parking area a Councillor from the Cobh Electoral Area told the group that it is planned to significantly increase the number pf marked parking bays and put services in place over the winter months. It is antisipated that the enhanced facilities will be in operation for the 2015 tourist season.

The Cobh Electoral Area Councillor told the delegation from Dungarvan that the Council and towns people of Cobh were delighted with the added tourist income the facility had generated since its inception and confirmed that the motorhome based tourists were most welcome and caused no bother whatsoever.