Vehicle Registration Tax

The Vehicle Registration Tax levied on vehicles in general is a constant thorn in the sides of Irish motorists. Ireland is currently under a formal request by the EU to change certain aspects of the system on which the tax is currently calculated.

While there is some clarity with regard to the potential VRT on a car to be imported if reference is made to the VRT Calculator on the Revenue website, no such facility is available for motor caravans. It is only after the purchase and importation of a motor caravan is the importer of the vehicle advised of the amount of VRT due.

As The Revenue Commissioners set about designing the more equitable VRT assessment procedure as demanded by the EU after the ECJ ruling against Ireland it is to be hoped that a transparent and fair procedure will replace the current opaque procedure which demands the purchase transaction be completed before the tax liability, sometimes calculated with little relationship to the prevailing Open Market Selling Price, is known.