Motorcaravanning Ireland

A Waterford welcome for motorhome based tourists at Ardmore

The mission of Motorcaravanning Ireland is to draw together information in the public domain on issues connected with the use of motorhomes, for example.

  • Legislation, Regulations and Bye-laws.
  • Press reportage
  • Events and developements which may impact on the freedom to get full use of the benifits of owning a motorhome.

And, using such information act as a lobby group on behalf of all motorhome users to foster a better understanding of the Motorhome Tourist sector, its infrastructural requirements and the economic benifits it can bring to an area.


This website has not designed to be a forum for the motorhome using community, there are many such sites currently available.

Websites such as Motorhomefacts, Boards, Motorhomecraic and many others offer comprehensive forum choices for those wishing to engage in debate about the various aspects of motorhoming.



The Origin of Motorcaravanning Ireland

Motorcaravanning Ireland has grown from the activities of individual motorhome owners and clubs who have invested considerable personal energy in promoting the adoption here in Ireland of overnight Motorhome Parking based on the 'Aire de Stationnement' and 'Aire de Service' type facilities, as found in France and elsewhere throughout Europe.

Recent successes in Northern Ireland and a couple of one off examples in The Republic of Ireland have brought together some of the disperate clubs and individuals who have laboured alone so far into a homoginous group.

The Reason Motorcaravanning Ireland exists

While some individuals and clubs have had some success in dealing with motorhome issues in the past, such as, road tax, insurance, the implementation of roadworthiness testing in The Republic of Ireland, the establishment of a Motorhome Parking Place with Services facility at Askeaton and more recently in Northern Ireland, it has become clear that a representative body, speaking for all motorhome users, be they club members or not is now overdue and its combined strength will exert the maximum force as a lobby group on a largely unsympathetic bureaucracy .